As I continue to think about what I should write or do for this assignment, I often ask myself “What is a trope?”. I feel like that is not really a word people, in the younger generation, use a lot of the time. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s, a trope is a common or overused theme or device. I can see how this could be applied to love stories, horror films, and sports clips. I think it is amazing how so many people can use the same subject but always twist it so that you can’t recognize it from the other movies, shows, or stories that it has previously been used in. I think this is why the word tropes have been used for so many years. Here is the thing, there are so many different kinds of tropes nowadays that how do I pick just one for this assignment. Well, surprisingly I think I was able to do it. One big trope that I was interested in looking into was Sports Stories. To be even more specific, the game breaking injury.

I thought the game breaking injury would be fun to look into because I have played and watched sports my whole life and I know how horrific an injury can be for an athlete. I have recently been involved with basketball at my high school. Throughout my past three years, I have had two pretty big injuries. One which was my knee, they never quite figured out what was wrong with it, which resulted in no physical activity with my lower body for six months. During these six months, I was put into physical therapy and also went to many doctors appointments. Most recently, during a game, I hurt my foot resulting to a small torn tendon. This was very painful. Luckily recovery went quickly and I was only out for around three months, but I had to wear a walking boot for half that period.

Here is one example of a career ending injury in an animated movie. (P.S. I am so sorry about the quality.) I think this is a great example because it shows that people are embarrassed about getting/being injured because there isn’t really anything you could do about it. Doc is not confident in himself anymore due to that accident. Another example is a song called “Knee Reconstruction” by Greg Champion. This song talks about a football player who got a knee injury. The last and final example is from a commonly known tv show called Friday Night Lights. This quick scene is when Jason, the star football athlete, is paralyzed due to an injury.

If you would like to find more game-breaking or career-breaking injuries just click the links. To look at just tropes click this link.


One thought on “Tropes

  1. I also enjoy sports related tropes, especially in movies. They kinda just how fast everything you have worked for can get taken away. It’s just another example how you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. A lot of professionals or kids that are just trying to reach their dreams get injured and never are able to do what they love again.


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