Expectations vs. Reality

People don’t realize how many time in their life span that their expectations aren’t met. This could be due to the daily struggle of not having them met. They happen so often little or small that it becomes a normal think we deal with. In certain situations things will obviously be noticeable if it doesn’t meet once expectations dude to the fact that they mean more to the individual person. In all honestly reality sucks. You’re expectations can make something seem so good and cool but in all reality it might be stupid and horrible. Don’t let your imagination play tricks one you even though it is very good at doing so. Your imagination can be one of your biggest weaknesses and strengths. Your imagination will help you so much in life with being creative, free spirited, and helps strengthen your brain. The imagination will also crush your dreams and expectations and turn them into reality.


Going into high school I had these expectations just like any freshman would that were definitely not met. As a young kid you always think it is going to be like the movies where there isn’t much drama or homework, all the boys are matured and cute, or even that people get thrown into trash cans just because they are freshman. If you’re a student about to go into high school I can promise you nothing like this happens. There are only a couple nights a year when I get to go home with no homework. I have never seen once a person get thrown into a trash can, at least at my school. It is really easy to get lost in your expectations but it will crush you when the reality does not meet your expectations.

Yes, high school will be a hard time for you, no matter who you are, but no matter what it is fun. High school is really what you make it. If you get involved, like I do, you will most likely enjoy your high school career greatly. If you are one that does’t go to anything and are super lame about everything you might still have a good time in high school but you won’t have a great time. No matter what kind of person you are you will always have that possibility of not liking high school or liking high school a lot.


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