Finding the Catcher

As for this week assignment we were instructed to watch a movie. I know your probably thinking what a movie? YES, finally a teacher that will assign a movie instead of some boring long 10 page research paper. We had four different movies to pick from, all classics I might add. The four options were Field of Dream, Finding Forrester, Donnie Darko, and Rebel without a cause. I ended up choosing to watch the movie Finding Forrester which is a really good movie! If you haven’t seen it before you should definitely give it a try. The movie was about a young African American teen who loved to play basketball and had a talent of writing. I don’t want to spoil anything but lets just say he goes through an adventure of finding himself through the movie. Even though the name of the movie is Finding Forrester, he is really not finding Forrester he is finding himself through Forrester.

If you have been reading my last two blogs you would know that for the past couple weeks I have been reading the book the Catcher and the Rye. As soon as I finished reading the book I didn’t want it to end. Sadly it did. If you have not been able to read the book yet here is a  quick link the summarizes the book for you in just about 4 mins.


In both the movie and the book, both of the main characters are on their own. Even though Jamal, from Finding Forrester, has a litter bit of help along the way he his generally on his own for figuring things out. Holden, from Catcher in the Rye, has no one though out the book. In the beginning he was with his roommate but not really apart of anything. Another comparison is that both boys are good at school if they are willing to apply themselves. Neither of the two boys are willing to try so they end up failing every class which either leads them to getting kicked out of a school or being transferred to a new one. I think it is crazy to see how many different things could relate between two total opposite things. One thing I have learned from the book is that no two people are a like and die shouldn’t try to grow up but to be who we are in that moment. From the movie I have learned that you can’t take life for granted and live every moment to the fullest. Both of these movies/books have a great lesson about life that every person should be able to take away from either watching it or reading it.


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