Catching My Thoughts

As everybody’s week is, mine was a little busy. Juggling a new job I just got, school, social life, ASB, church, and spending time with my family, it was a lot a lot to handle. Having to do the little tasks like cleaning up my stuff, reading, picking up the dog poop, and washing the dishes, it makes it hard to get everything done. The assignment for my English class this week was to read the book The Catcher in the Rye, this was not an assignment I was looking forward to. Personally I HATE reading because I never seem to be able to get into the book that we are reading because they are always so hard to relate to. I was a sceptic going into this book because I thought it was just another basic book that you would read at school. After I was through with just the first chapter I had fallen in love with the book. I kept reading and I realized I could really relate to the book even though I was nothing like the main character.giphy

From reading just part of this book I have learned there are so many ways to connect yourself to any book. One connection I had to this book was with Holden Caulfield because  he just doesn’t really seem to care about what is going on around him. If you’ve read the book you might know kind of what I am talking about. In the beginning of the book Holden skips a school football game and goes to his teachers house, upon request. At this time, he doesn’t seem to care that he got kicked out of school and that he still has to tell his parents. As for myself, I’m not really able to enjoy the area around me. I am always jumping to the next thing that I am going to be doing before the current thing is ever over. I can never enjoy my surroundings because I am worried about everything all the time. It is almost like I don’t care, just like Holden.

I think in todays society people don’t really care about the small things in life such as your surroundings, doing something good for other people, or even laughing at something really small. People are so worried about what other people think. Nowadays with social media everyone is just trying to one up each other with who can look the best in their photos or who can get the most likes or retweets. Everybody has stopped caring about each other and started only focusing on themselves. I think people need to take moments out of their own day to make others smile and appreciate the area around them. I found an article that discuss the 40 little things in life that can make one happy. I hope you get a chance to read them and maybe try some of them out. Take a short quiz and tally all the ones up that you already do. Everyday keep trying to make the world a better place and be a better version of YOU.o-happiness-facebook-1


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