Bell Week


The time, the effort, and the motivation. After about four months of preparation, it is all over. I am talking about Bell Week. If you aren’t familiar with bell week, it is our football rivalry game against the one and only, Edison. You may be thinking to yourself, doesn’t almost every school have a rivalry week? I can guarantee you that no other school does rivalry week like Fountain Valley. This year I hold the position of spirit commissioner on ASB and bell week is our busiest time of the year. Throughout the summer I was always at the high school just to make posters for bell week. There wasn’t one week that I didn’t step foot onto campus, my summer was basically consumed by making posters but it was all worth it in the end. By the end of the summer there was around 3,000 posters made just waiting to be hung.

Fast forward to October, balloons and face paint have been bought, dress up days have been decided, the theme for the game has been picked, and lunchtime activities have been chosen. Even though it may seem like everything is almost done each day there is a new task at hand to prepare for bell week. Many student and staff don’t realize all the behind the scenes work that ASB does as a whole just to prepare for this week. As it continues to get closer the last touches on our pep rally, Glow Show, are being put together, posters are being sorted through, and tape is being bought. 

As we head straight into the weekend before the bell game posters are starting to be put up on all the walls. For anyone that has been able to see the posters being put up it is a magical thing. It is just one way that you can transform your school. By the end of the weekend the walls are covered in posters, each with a different saying. Throughout the week more posters continue to go up giving the campus a different feel each time you walk onto it. We have reached the day before the big game, ASB and senate are helping to put up the posters on the stucco walls while assemblies is preparing for glow show. As the sun starts to set the school starts to get packed, it’s time for our biggest pep rally of the year. There are food trucks lined up, face paint and tattoos ready to be used, and students filling the bowl while saving seats for their friends. The sun is down and it is time to start the assembly. As our MCs take the stage the crowd starts to get crazy. They start the night off with one of our most famous cheers. Dance, drumline, cheer, and color guard all take the stage to perform. At the very end the crowd gets ready to welcome the football team. By the end of the night everyone starts to head home, except for a few. As soon as the school is cleared we poster the floor from top to bottom. Once it hits 12am we get kicked out of the school and our forced to go home. Walking back onto campus in the morning is such a rewarding feeling. Knowing that you put in so much time and effort and seeing that the students love it is amazing.


Throughout the week there were many new and creative ideas that had a huge impact. For example, due to all the rain we had we ended up postering the inside halls instead of the outside or when we decided to scrape the paint off the window instead of washing it off. All these new ideas made bell week so new and exciting. I can’t till next year.


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